Yard Sale Permits

City of Riverbank requires you obtain a permit to host a yard sale at your home. To acquire a permit, please visit our Finance Department at 6617 3rd St. Riverbank, CA 95367. Fee for a yard sale permit is $5 for two yard sales per year, each yard sale can last no longer than 3 consecutive days. In order to qualify you will need to provide proof of residency at the home you plan to host yard sale at. US issued government ID will need to be provided for any applicant.

 Types of Proof of Residency:

  • Account holder of City of Riverbank Utility Bill
  • US Issued Government ID with address of location on ID.
  • Letter of permission from locations owner.

The Riverbank City Code of Ordinances regulates restrictions for both garage sales and restrictions to sign placement, which sates the following

RCC Section 110.18 (C) - Garage Sales. Garage sales conducted in any residentially zoned area shall be subject to the limitations of any "home occupation" as set forth in the code of Ordinances.

(1) All garage sales must be licensed by the city.

(2) The license fee for a garage sale shall be $5 per calendar year, which entitles the licensee to hold two garage sales per calendar year, provided that each sale lasts no longer than three consecutive days.

RCC Section 153.284 (N) - No signs on street trees, utility poles or structures in street right-of-way. No signs shall be attached to any street tree, or any poles such as utility poles, street signals, street lights, street name signs or traffic warning signs, or on any bus shelter. ('67 Code, § 10-19-5)

All Signs posted for a garage sale must be taken down immediately following the sale. Failure to do so will result in further enforcement action including a fine.