Utility Billing

Current Updates -

City of Riverbank is now able to provide payment arrangements for past due balances, please fill out the Medical/Financial Hardship Form [Español], and return with all required documents to the City of Riverbank Finance Department. Please return in office, or by email at FINANCE@riverbank.org. (11/2/22)

Changes to your utility billing schedule will go into effect as of November 1st, frequently asked questions can be found here. Español aquí(10/24/22)

Garbage rates have been increased, see below for more information. (5/1/22)

To pay your bill by phone, you can now call Xpress Bill Pay at their new City of Riverbank specific number 1-866-775-9603. (02/07/2022)

Applications for the Utility Rate Assistance Program can be found at the bottom of this page.

New Customer Service Information - 

Utility Sign up options - 
 In person or Online

Hours of Operation -

 Monday - Thursday 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM.
 City hall is currently closed every Friday.

Online Utility Sign-up -

City of Riverbank now offers online Utility Sign-ups through Xpress Bill Pay. To sign up, please visit Xpressbillpay.com. You will find simple instructions here on how to sign up for new service.

When signing up for service in office (online) you will be asked to provide the following information;

  • $200 deposit - This breaks down to $60 Water, $100 Sewer, & $40 Garbage deposit.
  • Service address
  • Billing address if different from above
  • Phone number
  • Provide proof of ownership or rental agreement (follow up email will request this)
  • The name you would like on the account (must match documents being submitted)
  • Your date to commence service, can be same day if before 3:00 pm and done in office.
  • Copy of your drivers license or other U.S. Government-issued ID (follow up email will request this)
Information packet for new residents can be found here
Information on your current garbage day provided by Gilton can be found here.

Resuming Service 

If you currently have service, or have had service within the past 30-days with the City of Riverbank, and your account is in good standing, the following steps can help establish your new service:

  1. You may call us at 209-863-7109
  2. Provide us with the same information as above
  3. Provide us with the address where you had service previously
If your previous account was in good standing, no deposit may be required.

Payment options

In Office - 

You may pay your utility bill in person using cash, check, money order or by accepted brands of Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, & Discover) during Business hours.

You can pay by dropping off a check or money order in our drop box at the Finance Department during non business hours. Payments made through our drop box after closing are considered next day.

Online - 

Xpress Bill Pay can be used to process all online utility payments. Xpress Bill Pay offers convenient options such as: automatic payment, pay by phone and pay online. Payments made here do not charge an additional fee for use.
Visit them at: xpressbillpay.com

Telephone - 

You can also call Xpress Bill Pay at 1-866-775-9603 to make a payment over the phone. Payments made here do not charge an additional fee for use.

Additional Payment Options -

Pay by cash through one of the authorized cash locations. (Convenience Fee can vary by location)

Utility Bill Schedule

View the calendar for the 2023 Utility Billing Calendar including: dates utility bills are mailed and the utility payment due dates; dates when late notices are mailed and the delinquency due dates; the dates when water turn-offs begin for each billing period; and dates that the city offices are closed.

Bills are processed by the first of January, March, May, July, September, & November unless the processing date falls on a day we are closed (Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays). Bills are due 7 days after the mailing date.

2023 Utility Bill Due Dates -

01/10/2023, 03/08/2023, 05/08/2023, 07/12/2023, 09/13/2023, 11/08/2023

Late Fees

Late fees are applied to unpaid accounts 35 calendar days after our bill due date. a 10% penalty is assessed on any remaining balance or the most recently billed charges.

2023 Utility Bill Late Fee Dates -

02/07/2023, 04/05/2023, 06/06/2023, 08/09/2023, 10/11/2023, & 12/06/2023

Utility Shut Offs

Please see our Policy on Discontinuation of Residential Water Service for information regarding Utility Shut Offs. 

Garbage Service

The City of Riverbank contracts out to Gilton Solid Waste for residential garbage service.

Information on your current garbage day provided by Gilton can be found here.

Billing Questions can be directed to the City Finance office at 209-863-7109.
Service Questions can be directed to Gilton at 209-527-3781
If your garbage pick up was missed please call Gilton directly.

Sign up for garbage service when you sign up for water and sewer service. You will be billed bimonthly. When you sign up for garbage service, the provider will deliver 2 toters to your home: one gray or green toter and one black toter. The gray or green toter is for organics, yard waste, paper, and cardboard only. The black toter is for household garbage. Recyclables should be put in blue plastic bags and placed in the black toter, as it will be sorted at the provider's place of business. 

Gilton scheduled services - 

Call Gilton at 209-527-3781 or visit their website to schedule a Bulky Item or E waste Pick-up.

Bulky Item Pickup

Did you know that Gilton Solid Waste provides bulky item pickup two times per year per customer?  They will pick up item such as:

  • Refrigerators
  • Water Heaters
  • Washers/Dryers
  • Couches/Sofas
  • Bed Frames & Mattresses
  • Microwaves
  • Hot Tubs
  • Patio Furniture
  • And much more!


Curbside E-Waste Pickup

 Gilton provides curbside e-waste pickup at your home four times per year per customer.  Acceptable items include:


  • Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Monitors & TV's
  • LCD Monitors & TV's
  • LED Monitors & TV's
  • Projection TV's
  • VCR's & DVD Players
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Stereo Equipment (including car stereos)
  • CD Players
  • Telephones & Cell Phones
  • Desktop Computers
  • Copiers (Desktop size only)
  • Fax Machines (Desktop size only)

Utility Rates
We bill on a Bi-monthly basis, All rates you see below are doubled on your bill.

Water Rates

The Current Monthly Water Rates are effective 07/01/2019. Residential homes have a 1.5" or smaller water meter.

 Meter SizeCurrent Monthly Rate 
1.5" and smaller
4" and above$135.34
Variable Charge
(Water Usage
per gallon)
Drought Surcharge
(per gallon)


The drought surcharge will only be charged during periods when the State of California has declared an Emergency Drought.  The Drought Surcharge is in addition to the Variable Charge.

More information about our Water Department can be found here.  

Sewer Rates

The Current Monthly Sewer Rates are effective 07/01/2019.

ClassificationCurrent Monthly Rate01/01/2301/01/2401/01/2501/01/2601/01/27
Base Rate$49.48$58.39$68.90$81.30$95.12$109.39

Commercial customers must also pay a variable charge rate in addition to the base rate.  Variable charge rates are charged per cubic foot for usage over 14,960 gallons as follows:

 ClassificationCurrent Monthly Rate01/01/2301/01/2401/01/2501/01/2601/01/27
Schools w/o cafeterias, Offices$0.002512 $0.002964$0.003498$0.004128$0.004830$0.005555
Commercial, hospitals, extended care facilities,
markets (w/o deli's), Automobile shops
$0.003350 $0.003953$0.004665$0.005505$0.006441$0.007407
Schools w/ cafeterias, Restaurants, Short order facilities,
Markets w/ deli's
$0.004523 $0.005337$0.006298$0.007432$0.008695$0.009999
Restaurants w/ full kitchens$0.007370 $0.008697$0.010262$0.012109$0.014168$0.016293

More information about the Sewer Department can be found here.

Garbage Rates

Garbage rates became effective July 1st, 2023. Beginning rate for standard service includes (1) 90 Gallon Trash & (1) 90 Gallon Organic starting at $36.73 per month, additional trash or organics carts cost an increase of $16.10 per cart.


Residential & Non-Residential Cart Service Rates
Basic Cart ServiceMonthly Rate 07/01/2023
30 Gallon MSW Cart Rate$21.38
90 Gallon MSW Cart Rate$24.38
90 Gallon Organics Cart Rate$12.35
Additional 90 Gallon Cart  (Any Type)$16.10
Senior Citizen/Disabled Low Income Service 
30 Gallon MSW Cart Rate$16.09
90 Gallon MSW Cart Rate$18.29
90 Gallon Organics Cart Rate$12.35
Additional 90 Gallon Cart (Any Type)$13.98
Additional Services
Go Back$15.63
Extra Dump on Cart$19.54
Wash Cart$21.88
Commercial Bin Rate (Paid and obtained through Gilton)
Commercial - 1 yd Bin 1x per week pickup $72.33
Commercial - 2 yd Bin 1x per week pickup$120.17
Commercial - 2 yd Bin 2x per week pickup$223.73
Commercial - 2 yd Bin 3x per week pickup$327.42
Commercial - 3 yd Bin 1x per week pickup$168.54
Commercial - 3 yd Bin 2x per week pickup$312.87
Commercial - 3 yd Bin 3x per week pickup$445.64
Commercial - 3 yd Bin 4x per week pickup$598.58
Commercial - 4 yd Bin 1x per week pickup$221.06
Commercial - 4 yd Bin 2x per week pickup$414.95
Commercial - 4 yd Bin 3x per week pickup$589.51
Commercial - 4 yd Bin 4x per week pickup$727.93
Commercial - 4 yd Bin 5x per week pickup$899.17
Commercial - 4 yd Bin 6x per week pickup$1,079.32
Commercial - 6 yd Bin 1x per week pickup$309.69
Commercial - 6 yd Bin 2x per week pickup$584.09
Commercial - 6 yd Bin 3x per week pickup$850.42
Commercial - 6 yd Bin 4x per week pickup$1,031.29
Commercial - 6 yd Bin 5x per week pickup$1,254.41
Commercial - 6 yd Bin 6x per week pickup$1,367.01

Rate Assistance - 

All Rate Assistance is pending approval. 


Utility Rate Assistance Program - Water, Sewer, & Garbage

More Information can be found here.

The Utility Rate Assistance Program (URAP) information can be found here. (English) (Spanish)