Traffic Impact Mitigation Fee Program Update, July 16, 2020

On June 15, 2020 the City of Riverbank staff shared preliminary findings associated with updated Traffic Mitigation Fees. The May 19, 2020 Willdan Report has been updated to take into consideration certain roadway projects not considered in the earlier report. This notice is intended to represent Staff's current findings. Again, these findings are a coordinated effort with KD Anderson Transportation Planners and Willdan Financial Services. The updated Willdan Report of July 16, 2020 will be presented to the Riverbank City Council this fall. As stated before, the proposed traffic mitigation fees have undergone a significant vetting process to: elimination of transportation projects which have been completed: remove transportation projects which are programmed to be funded by other sources like CMAQ, SB 1, Local Transportation Tax - Measure L and other specific plan area fee structures; update the construction costs for the remaining transportation projects to reflect 2020 construction dollars; and, add in projects of regional significance such as proposed Coffee Road Improvements. 

The entire Willdan Report may be found at the following link: Traffic Impact Mitigation Fee Program