City of Riverbank Active Transportation Plan

The City of Riverbank Active Transportation Plan (ATP) guides the development of programs and facilities to enhance bicycling and walking as practical, efficient, and safe transportation choices for Riverbank residents, workers, and visitors. 

This plan provides a detailed description of project recommendations that the City can work towards developing in the near and long term. The plan’s recommendations not only build upon previously adopted plans, such as the Riverbank General Plan (2009) and the Downtown Specific Plan(2015) but are also a result of extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis. Such analysis includes a robust assessment of the city’s existing bicycle and pedestrian conditions and input from both the public and project stakeholders. 

Project recommendations address the plan’s overarching vision and goals, stemming largely from public input and the City’s aspirations as they relate to active transportation. 


Riverbank envisions an environment that supports people of all ages and abilities to comfortably and safely access jobs, schools, recreation, and shopping by foot or on bicycle as a part of daily life. 

Active Transportation Plan picture