Water Division


The Water Division operates, maintains, and repairs the City’s water distribution system, including water mains, service connections, valves, and fire hydrants. This Division also reads, tests, repairs, and replaces water meters on the City’s water system, and provides water turn-on and turn-off services.

Water Conservation

The Water Division wants residents to water responsibly and offers the following information regarding simple conservation steps you can take at home. To further assist you, watering days and times for your street address are also listed on this page.

Help with Conservation

Water is one of our greatest natural resources, what would you do without it? The human body requires water daily, as do all warm-blooded animals (including cows, horses, pigs, and birds) and many reptiles. So, how can you help?   

There are 4 basic ways to save water:

  1. Economize
  2. Repair Leaks
  3. Install Water-saving Devices
  4. Reuse Water


Be aware of the amount of water you are using and look for ways you can use less whenever possible. Never leave the water running and then walk away from the faucet.   

Repair Leaks

A leak of 1 drop per second wastes 2,400 gallons per year. Repairing leaking faucets not only saves water, it will also save you money in the long run.

Install Water-Saving Devices

There are several different kinds of devices you can purchase inexpensively or make yourself, such as: aerators, flow regulators, and displacement devices.  

Reuse Water

Used water is often suitable for other purposes: bath water can be reused to water lawns or shrubs, or for washing your car.

Check the Riverbank Water Consumer Confidence Report  (click here)