Election Event Dates

The information provided on this page coincides with a Riverbank Municipal Election, and is NOT related to other elections conducted in Stanislaus County or Statewide that does not include the City's Election of it's Members of the City Council or City Measures.​ For non-municipal elections contact the Stanislaus County Elections Division at 
www.stanvote.com or the California Secretary of State at www.sos.ca.gov/elections.
NOVEMEBER 8, 2022 - Riverbank General Municipal Election 
Nomination Filing Period (appointment required): Riverbank registered voters interested in running for office must make an appointment with the City Elections Official to obtain and file candidate papers during normal business hours. Filing period will be extended if an incumbent does not file candidate papers by (pending).
Posting Campaign Signs: Candidates may begin posting campaign signs 90 days before Election Day and must be removed 15 days after the election (City removal is at a cost).
Filing Period for Write-In Candidate: Any Riverbank registered voter who desires to have his/her name written on the ballot of the election counted for the office of Council member must complete the required process with the City's Election Official.
Last Day to Register to Vote: A registration form is available at the City Clerk's Office, or at the Stanislaus County Registrars Office, or register online with the California Secretary of State.
Riverbank Polling Location - (pending) TBD
Riverbank Elections Satellite Office (polling locations) - provides voter services.  Locations and hours: (pending)   TBD
Early Voting (In-person) - Locations: (pending) Times: (pending) TBD
Ballot Drop Off Locations - (to be determined) TBD
Election Day!  Locations: (pending); open from 7 a.m. - 8 p.m.



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