Housing Programs

The City of Riverbank Housing Division has successfully applied and been awarded several competitive grants funded by the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD).  For the last 29 years, the Housing Division has been serving the low- to very-low income household community with the rehabilitation and repair of owner-occupied properties under the Housing Rehabilitation Program.  The Home Buyers program would follow 12 years later and is directed to assist with the gap finance purchase of the clients first home.  Both programs have received direct benefits of the diverse Housing and Community Development programs.  Throughout the years the City of Riverbank City Council has approved grant applications towards the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnership Program and CALHOME Programs.  All HCD programs are required to meet one of the three National Objectives as established by 24 CFR Section 570.483.  The National Objective which pertains to these housing programs is the “benefit to low and moderate-income persons”.

The funding provided by HCD has allowed the City of Riverbank to make a considerable difference for households of low- to very-low income in their quality of life, improvement of the existing housing stock and provide first time home buyers the opportunity to reach their American Dream.

Participants interested in any of the programs below must be at or below the current CDBG and HOME Income limits as established by HCD.  Income limits are subject to change annually.  Income limits are based on the number of household members and their combined income. Income eligibility may change based on the clients income fluctuation during the loan processing period.
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Housing Rehabilitation Program


This program offers property owners residing at there home the opportunity to address health and safety needs of  diverse repairs.  All repairs will meet local and state building code requirements.  The opportunity to participate in this program is made available to property owners whom fall under the Low Income house hold limits.  Repairs will be made thru an affordable city loan.

Housing Rehabilitation Program Information

First Time Home Buyers Program

The oldest American Dream is to be the owner of your own home that perhaps has a white picket fence. This dream may seem out of reach if your lender has qualified you with a loan amount less than the average property value home. There may be hope for you and your family with this secondary loan program option.    

First Time Home Buyers Program Information

Affordable Housing

The City Housing Division has collaborated with HOME Investment Partnership Program and several developers for the joint effort to increase the affordable housing stock for Senior and Handicapped resident.  For additional information on unit availability and requirement please visit the following sites.  The below complex sites are privately administrated, please contact them at:

  • Willow Pointe Apartments, 6050 Venhaus Way, Riverbank, CA , (209) 863-9303
  • Riverbank Senior Apartments, 3101 Orange Ave., Riverbank, CA, (209) 869-1343 at http://riverbank.pwapt.com/index.php

Riverbank Housing Authority 



 The Riverbank Housing Authority is Independently administrated by the Stanislaus County Housing Authority. The Housing Authority in the City of Riverbank offers 60 units to seniors-aged applicants and 30 family units for low-income households.  If you are interested in obtaining information regarding these units please contact the Riverbank Housing Authority located at 3309 Stanislaus St., Riverbank, CA or call (209) 869-4501, or visit www.riverbankHA.org.